What is Lacques Jacan?

Lacques Jacan

  1. Lacques Jacan is a blog that takes Lacanian psycho-analysis to task for its unilateralisation of différance, differentiation, and its devilment of any and all ego-cathexes that may account for its purportedly an-Oedipal enterprise.
  2. Its task in a nutshell is the task of problematisation; to question the psycho-analytic hermeto-logy which posits unconscious desiring machines as quasi-subjects, or homunculi, in  a notional world of quasi-transcendental in-variants, or human society populated by primal instincts. 
  3. The egoic idealism of such psycho-analysis is inherently fatalistic, and conservative; in a climate where Lacanianism has become a  go-to compendium of discourse <clé maîtresse du discours en tant que telle> we see its famed proponents positing self-referential mythemes of quietism quite unsuited to the tenor of our days.
  4. The Lacanian appetite for the Cogito has been whetted by the beards of slovenly gentlemen and elderly philosophs given to the auraticisation of our agon as the revolutionary event which persists, insists in the minimal/liminal gap in the nugatory vortex of the glib phenomena of reality/ reality of phenomena available to our senses/ sensed by our availability. 
  5.  The psycho-analyt’s enigmatic adherence to a hermeto-logy of desire, we propose, bespeaks its inadequacy, and its need for a transcendental Gestalt-switch that is not part of its apparatuses of self-evidentiality. We endeavour to explicate the perverse core of Lacanian psycho-analysis by exposing its extimacy with the das ding of its propositional relata; whence the pursuance of that obscure, daedal Freudian epiphany that resists the every  metonymisation of the semblable.
  6. In the nomos of its axiomatic scheme we probe for Oedipalised semes that project themselves from a non-existent with-out into the preconscioning of the analyst; intorojected back, now, as a hard kernel of analysablity inscribed in the other’s analyticity through one’s desire: we see this assumed analyticity of the analysand as the point of introjective/projective nonclosure o, the [im]position of nonpsycho-analysis on itself.

Finally, it is up to you to be Lacanians if you wish; we are Freudians.


Les Non-dupes errent

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