Nothing to Do With Philosophy

“Where are the philosophers? Where do we find those who give birth to this world in which the need for redemption and the need for war are inseparable? I do not think they are everywhere.”

The very rarity of philosophers is precisely their ineliminable community with immanence of conceptual virtuality, in a substantive sense; the deadlock of nihilism is but the nugatory moment of the Cogito and it can be undone by an appeal to the hermetic dis-equilibrium of the psycho-analytic account of semantic and experiential explication.
Let us not naively imagine that the few philosophers we recognise are the beacons of Philosophy in the present, for they are but the prefigurations of a certain design for the One truth that is allied to the tautology of their ego-cathexis, and our imaginary relation to the symbolic matrices projected by their narcissistic ego-objects [introjected by us as sufficient philosophy]: there is no necessary coincidence between the philosopher and his philosophical veracity, i.e. the analytic adequacy of a philosopher’s propositions and the analytic apodicity of the laws of thought.
If there were several philosophers with varying claims to the Truth we would be hard pressed to parse and accredit the One that is True; else, they would not all be philosophers. But, the world offers us philosophers in their contingent alliance with the peculiar ego-cathexes we share with them; perhaps, it is the case that the lack of ‘philosophers’ impels the ‘philosopher supposed to be’ to his concretisation in our present? Time will tell if the symbolic order is merely the solipsistic system where imaginaries collude with their ego-objects, or if there is such a thing as Philosophy in the present, always.