CHOMSKY/ZIZEK: incommensurable gap or sophistic spat

An excellent reflexion on the Analytic-Continental divide from Agent Swarm


I think to treat the differend that shows up in the rather trivial-seeming exchange of digs between Chomsky and Zizek as a mere infantile “spat” is already to come down on one side of the quarrel (Chomsky’s side) and one side of the division (the analytic side). Zizek’s whole intellectual style incorporates finding the far-reaching philosophical and political issues in the anodyne details of ordinary and mediatic life. This is a very important component of the Continental approach.

There is something more substantive at stake in the Chomsky/Zizek differend, and that is a difference in cognitive styles between Continental and Analytic modes of thinking. I am no great fan of Zizek’s and I have criticised him in several places on this blog.

I criticise Zizek for example here: But note that I criticise him for being insufficiently faithful to his typological method, separating out one typological series (the…

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